Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

Dealing with hearing loss can be scary; however, it’s important that you seek proper medical care to prevent hearing loss from getting worse. While hearing loss most often affects seniors, this doesn’t mean that children, teens and young adults can’t also develop hearing loss. In fact, with the use of ear pods and other in-ear electronic devices, we are seeing more and more adults dealing with hearing loss at an earlier age. The good news is that our ear, nose and throat doctor will be able to evaluate your hearing to determine if you are truly suffering from hearing loss and provide you with a customized treatment plan.

What causes hearing loss?

Hearing Loss - Downtown South Park, Los Angeles, CAThere are many reasons why someone may be faced with hearing loss, but here are the most common types (some of which can be avoided with proper hearing hygiene):

Exposure to loud noises: Certain professions lend themselves to be exposed to loud and potentially dangerous noises. Those in military positions, as well as construction workers and even those in the music and entertainment industry, should wear proper ear protection to minimize their chances of noise-induced hearing loss.

Aging: As we get older it’s normal for many people to lose some hearing. Sometimes this is actually due to loud noises over time; however, this isn’t always the case. While hearing loss may be minor as you get older if you start having trouble hearing those around you, it’s important that you schedule a hearing screening with us.

Illnesses: Yes, it is possible that certain health problems can also affect hearing. While we have vaccines to protect against certain conditions like measles and mumps that can cause impaired hearing, not all conditions have vaccines. Viral infections with particularly high fevers also have the ability to affect hearing.

Injuries: If you have experienced an ear injury, particularly to the eardrum, this can also lead to permanent hearing loss. This may be the case if the eardrum ruptures upon impact or injury.

Ear infections: While not as common, it is possible for people to develop long-term hearing loss if they deal with chronic and persistent ear infections. Children are often more likely to develop regular or recurring ear infections then adults; however, it’s important to speak with your doctor if you or your child is experiencing chronic ear infections, as hearing loss can easily be prevented just by properly treating the infection.

If you are noticing changes in your hearing or in the hearing of someone you love, call our Los Angeles, CA, ENT Dr. Christina M. McAlpin office today at (213) 745-4060 to schedule a hearing evaluation.