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By Dr. Christina M McAlpin
November 12, 2021
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When it comes to ear infections in Los Angeles, CA, Dr. Christina McAlpin is your trusted ear, nose, and throat doctor.

What Causes an Ear Infection?

An ear infection occurs when fluid becomes trapped within the middle ear. In some instances, the sinuses are also inflamed, and the fluid can’t drain, which leads to an ear infection. Warm, moist environments allow bacteria to thrive, which creates the perfect place for an infection to develop. Once this bacteria begins to grow, a middle ear infection can develop.

What Are the Symptoms of an Ear Infection?

The most difficult thing about an ear infection is that the symptoms aren’t directly visible nor are their distinct symptoms. In fact, there is generally a combination of signs you should look for when an ear infection may be present.

The most common sign of an ear infection is ear pain. Fever often accompanies an infection. You should also watch for ear pulling, ear discharge, irritability, nasal congestion, thick and yellow nasal discharge, and simply not feeling well.

How Are Ear Infections Treated?

Although some ear infections can successfully go away on their own, some must be treated with antibiotics. Unfortunately, some ear infections are becoming resistant to antibiotics. One reason for this is the unnecessary and overuse of antibiotics, and because of this, doctors are becoming more cautious about prescribing them unless absolutely necessary.

How Long Is Recovery?

Once Dr. McAlpin in Los Angeles, CA, has diagnosed ear infections, it normally takes roughly two to three days for your child to start feeling better. If not, it is imperative that you call our office and let us know, as she will likely want to reexamine your child to determine what’s going on.

How Can Ear Infections Be Prevented?

As a general rule, it is rather difficult to prevent an ear infection, but there are some children who are more vulnerable to these infections than others. There are steps you can take to decrease the overall risk of ear infections. For instance, you can breastfeed, get your child the recommended vaccines, and avoid second-hand smoke exposure.

If you believe your child has developed an ear infection and needs to be seen, call (213) 745-4060 to schedule an appointment with Dr. McAlpin, your ear, nose, and throat doctor, in Los Angeles, CA, who treats ear infections.