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By Dr. Christina M McAlpin
June 24, 2021
Category: Otolaryngology
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Non-surgical body contouring is an innovative way to get rid of stubborn fat. It's minimally invasive with minimal risks. How much change can you expect in your body from body contouring in Los Angeles, CA? Your doctor, Dr. Christina McAlpin will fill you in.

What Is Non-surgical Body Contouring

Non-surgical body contouring uses minimally invasive procedures such as ultrasound and cryolipolysis to destroy fat cells and give you a contoured shape. Following your diet and exercise regimen strictly can help you reach your weight loss goals sooner than you think. However, despite losing all that weight you might still be unsatisfied with how your body turned out. Stubborn fat in problem areas such as your abdomen, love handles, arms, and chin could still make you self-conscious. You can improve the appearance of cellulite from fat deposits with body contouring.

What Body Contouring Can Do for You

Burn Stubborn Fat Spot training to lose fat in specific areas of your body is impossible. However, with body contouring in Los Angeles, CA, you can target fat loss in specific areas of your body. So, that double chin that has refused to go despite all your weight loss efforts now has a solution with non-surgical body contouring.

Tighten Lose Skin and Reduce Appearance of Cellulite Fat deposits around your butt and thighs can have a lumpy or bumpy appearance. Cellulite might make you self-conscious and stop you from trying on outfits that show off your thighs. Consider getting non-surgical body contouring in Los Angeles, CA.

Types of Body Contouring Procedures

Your doctor can perform the following procedures to help reduce the appearance of cellulite:

  • Ultrasound treatment
  • Cryolipolysis

Both treatments cause the death of fat cells. After a while, your body absorbs and eliminates the dead cells to reveal the contoured body beneath. For ultrasound treatment, your doctor treats the target area with ultrasound energy. Cryolipolysison, on the other hand, freezes the fat cells to death.

Want to learn more about the benefits of non-surgical body contouring in Los Angeles, CA? Call (213) 745-4060 to schedule your consultation with Dr. McAlpin.

By Dr. Christina M McAlpin
March 25, 2020
Category: Otolaryngology
Tags: Body Contouring  

Ever wish that you could get rid of stubborn fat without undergoing surgery? Nonsurgical body contouring is perfect for you. This treatment eliminates stubborn areas of fat to effectively shape and contour your body.

Despite leading an active and healthy lifestyle, some patients still can't lose the unwanted fat in the stomach, waist, legs, arms, and buttocks. This is where nonsurgical body contouring comes in handy. Here at the practice of Dr. Christina McAlpin in Los Angeles, CA, we use this technique to blast unwanted fat and get you in the best shape of your life. To understand what body contouring can do for you, take a look at its benefits below.

Nonsurgical Body Contouring Targets Multiple Body Parts

If you need to get rid of stubborn fat in various areas of your body all at the same time, body contouring is the most convenient and cost-effective way to achieve this.

Nonsurgical Body Contouring is Completely Non-Invasive

Unlike liposuction and other surgical procedures that involve removing fat and even some of the skin, nonsurgical body contouring is very non-invasive. It doesn’t put any significant physical stress on your body and there’s no bleeding and anesthesia involved. This means that you won’t have to deal with the potential risks of post-surgery complications. These typically include infections, pain and discomfort, hypoglycemia, weight gain, nausea and vomiting, and gallstones.

Nonsurgical Body Contouring Is Ideal for Almost Everyone

For patients who are immunocompromised or have blood conditions, they are disqualified for major surgical procedures such as liposuction. Body contouring, however, could work for virtually anyone, no matter their age, shape, size, and weight. Do note though that the best candidates for the procedure are individuals that are close to their target weight and need to get rid of stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to exercise and diet. You can visit your doctor in Los Angeles, CA, to determine your eligibility for the body contouring.

Nonsurgical Body Contouring Offers Easier and Faster Recovery

Incisions and bruises associated with surgical procedures like liposuction could leave you bedridden and unable to go about your normal activities for several days to weeks. But since nonsurgical body contouring is non-invasive, you’ll only feel some discomfort on the treatment sites. It’s an extremely simple procedure that could give you remarkable and lasting results, provided that you live a healthy lifestyle to help maintain and maximize your results.

Want to Know More About Nonsurgical Body Contouring? Call Us

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