What To Do About Mouth Sores

By Dr. Christina M McAlpin
January 22, 2021
Category: ENT Care
Tags: Mouth Sores  

Mouth sores are small lesions that occur inside your mouth. They can even affect your lips, the floor, and the roof of your mouth, cheeks, and tongue. Mouth sores are painful, making it difficult for you to speak and eat. If you're looking for an ENT doctor in Los Angeles, CA, to treat mouth sores, contact Dr. Christina McAlpin and her caring staff. They can help you with all medical conditions related to the ears, nose, and throat. Keep reading to learn what you can do about mouth sores.

What Causes Mouth Sores?

A variety of conditions causes mouth sores. Visiting an ENT doctor in Los Angeles, CA helps determine the cause of your specific medical condition. For example, mouth sores may be caused by an injury, an infection, reaction to acidic fruits and vegetables, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, canker sores, or a medical condition that affects additional areas of the body.

Mouth Sore Treatments

Most mouth sores go away after one or two weeks. If you have persistent mouth sores, you should seek medical attention to rule out a more serious condition. When you visit your doctor, he or she will prescribe treatment suited to your specific needs. Sometimes the doctor prescribes topical gels, creams, or liquids designed to relieve your pain or speed the healing process. Your doctor may also prescribe a mouth rinse to decrease any inflammation and pain.

Things to Avoid When You Have a Mouth Sore

Mouth sores are painful and uncomfortable. To avoid additional pain, avoid the following foods and beverages:

  • Citrus fruits
  • Spicy foods
  • Acidic foods
  • Sodas and caffeinated drinks
  • Alcoholic beverages

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