Signs That You May Have Sleep Apnea

By Dr. Christina M McAlpin
February 20, 2020
Category: Otolaryngology
Tags: Sleep Apnea  

Exhausted all day and restless all night? You could have sleep apnea?

Does your partner complain that you snore every night? If so, you might have a sleep disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea, a potentially deadly condition that your Los Angeles otolaryngologist, Dr. Christina McAlpin, can thankfully diagnose and help you treat.

What are the warning signs of sleep apnea?

Obviously the most classic symptom of sleep apnea is loud, chronic snoring. You may even wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air. Other symptoms include,

  • Wake up with a dry or sore throat
  • Severe daytime exhaustion and fatigue
  • Mental fog and poor concentration
  • Morning headaches
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Decreased sex drive

Experiencing any of these symptoms? Then it’s probably time to schedule a sleep evaluation with Dr. McAlpin. Even if your snoring isn’t caused by sleep apnea, frequent snoring can also disrupt sleep. Our ENT doctor can help get your snoring under control, too.

What happens if I don’t treat sleep apnea?

Untreated sleep apnea won’t just cause you continual sleep problems or leave you banished to the cough forever, it can also cause some serious long-term health problems. Untreated sleep apnea has been linked to these chronic and serious issues:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Depression and anxiety

Along with these major issues, sleep apnea can also lead to problems with work or school performance and increase the likelihood of accidents either on the road or at work.

How is sleep apnea treated?

Our ENT doctor may be able to determine that you have sleep apnea through a simple physical examination performed right in her Los Angeles office; however, sometimes she may need to refer patients to a sleep clinic for further testing. Once you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea, Dr. McAlpin can then discuss treatment options.

While there is no cure for sleep apnea, our team can help you manage your symptoms. The most common non-surgical way to treat sleep apnea is with CPAP treatment (continuous positive airway pressure), where a device is worn over the face to deliver pressurized air through the nose and mouth to keep airways open and free from obstructions while you sleep.

Other treatments for sleep apnea include oral appliance therapy, deviated septum repair, and other surgeries to correct abnormalities within the nose and throat that could be causing your symptoms.

Concerned? Give us a call

If you or someone you love is having trouble sleeping due to chronic snoring it’s time to turn to an ENT specialist in Los Angeles that can confirm whether you may have sleep apnea. The sooner you seek treatment the sooner you will finally discover what quality sleep feels like. Call our office today at (213) 745-4060.